The Frederick Jazz Festival provides Fredericktonians and visitors of all ages an opportunity to experience America's unique musical art form at the Weinberg Center for the Arts, located in the heart of historic Downtown Frederick, MD.  The festival features GRAMMY and professional artists from Frederick, Baltimore, and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan region.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!

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For City of Frederick Connector information, visit https://frederickcountymd.gov/199/Connectors

Metered street parking is available throughout Downtown Frederick; however, it is recommended attendees take advantage of other public parking garages and decks located within walking distance of the Weinberg Center for the Arts.


When will the lineup be available? 


As soon as possible!  Trust us, we want to get the lineup and performance times posted as soon we can for you, but sometimes it takes time working with different artists, booking agencies, and managers.  We’ll post the lineup and set times as quickly as possible.  Insight:  if you purchased a ticket in the past, signed up for our mailing list, or following us on social media, you’ll be notified when its complete.  In the meantime, check www.frederickjazzfest.com Home page to see who’s scheduled to appear.


Seats are assigned?


Seats are assigned, but you get to choose where you sit at the time of purchase.  That’s just how theaters are. 


Can I stretch and move around like an outdoor festival?


Clapping, dancing, moving, and grooving are all welcome during the performances.  Hey, if you’re not up ’n out of your seat when the music starts playing, we’ve booked the wrong bands!  Stretch your legs whenever and however you want.  We’re all friends and family here. 


What about food trucks?  Drinks?


There will be a food truck parked directly in front of the Weinberg Center entrance on West Patrick Street.  And there’s no shortage of food that’s within walking distance of the theater, being centrally located in the heart of the historic district.  Select craft beer and local wines are sold by the Weinberg.  You can even take your drinks inside the theater when the music starts up again.


What about vendors?


Vendors are signing up, but being indoors, we’re limited to ten.  Vendors will be set up outside the theater (in the front entrance and lobby / reception area).  In tune with previous years, we’ll have special prizes and giveaways, grab bags, and maybe a raffle or two.  Vendors help bring the feel of an outdoor music festival indoors and we think that’s important. 


Why have your ticket prices gone up?


Here’s where the rubber meets the road for you…and for us.  Prices have gone up because we believe artists should be well compensated and respected.  We love and appreciate them and don’t think they should be paid in burgers. Basically treated like any other hard working service provider.  We know you feel the same way about them.  Being in the Weinberg Center has really boosted our appeal to national touring artists and we’ve been pretty humbled by who has reached out to us, but they ain’t cheap.  Think about it like this:  Early Bird is about $6.00 per band (BAND), not just one artist.  That’s, like, $1.25 for the drummer in a quintet.  Not bad.  And the drummer’s happy! 


What’s the deal?  Why all the changes?


We don’t see change as a bad thing.  We grow a little bit each year and learn a little bit more each year.  We got it, though!  There’s something old and something new and something for everyone.  Hang with us, keep your comments coming.  Tell us what we do right and what we do wrong.  All of it goes toward the sound and the goal in keeping the music happening, moving the arts forward in downtown Frederick, and supporting the artists we’ve come to appreciate.  We’re a family of music lovers and music makers, it’s exciting, and it’s always changing.


  • Safety is important in order to enjoy the music.  The Frederick Jazz Festival organizers, artists, and responsible attendees are supported by the City of Frederick Police Department 

  • Any attendee who directly or indirectly interferes with the enjoyment of the festival will be asked to leave and could be subject to arrest and prosecution by local authorities

  • The festival is indoors; if weather becomes severe, an announcement will be made regarding safety procedures; the festival will continue when deemed appropriate

  • Alcoholic beverages must be kept within the premise of the Weinberg Center for the Arts; violators will be asked to leave and could be subject to arrest and prosecution by local authorities

  • Pets are not allowed, with exception to service animals

  • All attendees must be over 21 to consume alcohol; IDs will be checked at the entrance and a festival badge will be issued  

  • Large coolers, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances of any kind, firearms, noise-making devices, box cutters, laser pointers, knives, or any other item that could be used as a weapon are prohibited; personal grilling and cooking, tents, and signs are also prohibited

  • Festival badges are good for all attendants to enter and exit throughout the day 

  • All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges allowed

  • All artists and performance times are subject to change

Made possible by the generous support of :

Frederick Music Productions, LLC | 7820B Wormans Mill Rd #213 | Frederick, MD 21701